Under pressure of increasing costs and reducing margins? Not sure per box price offered to customer best and at the same time profitable.

Finding it increasingly difficult to manage Business?

Is it taking time to work out best cost for a Packaging Order?

Is it profitable to manufacture a carton order with current paperboard stock or different machine size?

Let Transoft help you manage your entire packaging, commercial and/or corrugated business smoothly and on cruise control.

Yes, Transoft lets your customers, agents, sales staff do very accurate online cost estimation. Packaging companies using Transoft can immediately compare the advantages in terms of cost of different box layouts, rolls or sheets in stock and different machine sizes for each job. Transoft helps ensure you offer the best price to your customer at the same time being profitable. With support for most standard layouts. It’s easy to compare cost of producing different boxes from order through different stages in production to finish and delivery.

Transoft flexibility allows working out estimates by changing different parameters in real time.

Minimise efforts! Maximise profits! Start with a Basic system, adopt a modular approach, scaling the system as needed from among its innumerable features.

Packaging Estimation

Your customers, agents, production managers can get an accurate estimate of carton box online and in real time. These estimates will be very accurate estimates which your production team arrives after a fair amount of time and effort. The estimates give you the best five price estimates based on machine size, paperboard size, grain direction, different orientation, carton type, finishing processes required, die making die punching costs, and print requirements. All standard carton types are supported. Custom carton types can be supported as customisation.


Full Process Pricing Estimation

  • Provide Single Point for entering Pricing rates for Media, Finishings, Print.
  • Supports multiple price calculation methods for each of Media, Finishings & Print.
  • Supports multiple Price Matrix to offer different price for same specification based on Price classification.
  • Supports Rate-card based or variable price calculation.
  • Automatic calculation of final Job Estimation based on specification & Price classification.


Handle All orders

  • Take Orders at counter, thru email, phone and Online. Process and track all orders.
  • Customers can upload print file and specify LXWXH, quantity and processes required. He can then order the predefined product after estimating the cost per carton..
  • Customers can upload print file and Request for Quote & then place orders for any custom product.
  • Handle Mulitpart orders for Commercial Press (a product like book requiring different print, media & finishing for each part)

Job Management

  • Tracking an Order from Entry to ompletion. An order can have multiple jobs. .
  • Tracking Individual Jobs, creating a Job Ticket automatically for each job.
  • Routing each job through multiple production stages. Operators can put their comments at each stage of production.
  • Putting jobs on hold or release them when waiting for resources.

Workflow Management

  • Flexibility to define multiple workflows depending on the production requirements& equipments used for a job. On completion of one stage, Jobs automatically move from one stage to another.
  • Operators can download file / upload corrected files for the job where needed.
  • System Administrator can see comments by different operators at each stage.


  • Reporting on Orders, production status, accounts recieveables in one system.
  • Account Receivable Module – supports cash /credit Invoices, delivery challan
  • Ledger Balance available for all customers
  • Handling of Payment Rcvd, Settlement of Invoices, Advances.

Online StoreFront Management

  • Create a individual Stores for each Corporate Customer.
  • Corporate Store can have multi-tier approval workflow, separate pricing, digital asset management
  • Customers can upload files and order, order preapproved files for printing.

Get Smart. Get Transoft

  • Improve Sales and Profitability
  • Extend Reach with Online Estimation
  • Increase Production efficiency