Behind the scenes

Behind the Scenes at Kensta Group – A Strong Backbone

Through more than forty years of dedication to affordability, reliability and adoption of new technologies, Kensta Group has evolved from being the provider of back-end services for the print industry. Today we are well known for our role of the driver of new communications opportunities and now, digital printing solutions. Although our range of services is complex and extensive, crossing over a wide range of multimedia, our drive is simple – by enhancing your capability through digital and print solutions, we are ultimately empowering your business.

Solid partnerships with premium suppliers are the backbone to Kensta’s success. Our understanding of our own markets has allowed us to utilise the broad offerings available, and which we source from all over the world, within custom-made and practical solutions. Clients have come to appreciate that the suppliers represented by Kensta Group are the best in their league. These suppliers trust us to do business on their behalf.

Committed to sustainability in all aspects of business, we view environmental considerations as a source of innovation that can enhance competitiveness. For a number of years, Kensta Group has been driving the process by educating clients towards environmental sustainability through our Going Green initiative with a great deal of success. The approach we are taking is to proactively source and promote products that are in keeping with our green principles and our strategy is superior because we work with paper companies, paper mills and environmental agencies who work to the same principles. Kensta Group wants to serve those companies who want to go green, to deliver education, products and solutions to going green

Kensta’s ethos of finding the best solution for clients extends into the community and in particular to creating sustainable solutions for children in need of special protection at institutional levels. Mr. Anoop Shah, our group chairman, is the Founding Trustee of Childlife Trust and since its establishment, Childlife Trust has reach out to over 50,000 children based in more than 200 institutions.

Each employee in the Kensta Group is as committed to the service of the community as they are to the service of their clients. They each devote time to community service and have been engaged in projects including HIV / AIDS awareness, street children, child sponsorship and mentorship, Friends of Nairobi National Park, contributed to Ngong Forest Trust and working with people who have physical challenges.